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Cash Advance or Pay Day Loans (Part I)

How To Educate Yourself On The Use Of Cash Advance Services

Cash advances can be difficult things to understand; however, it’s not the borrowing that is hard to understand because anyone can borrow someone else’s money when they are in a tough financial situation. It is the interest that is added on to the cash advance that is sometimes harder to understand. Some people will borrow money and never look at the interest rates they are paying. If borrowers did look, they may well get a big shock!

Cash advances have their interest rates higher than most credit card companies, and that in itself should say a lot if you want a cash advance. If you do want a cash advance, then you must be prepared to pay a lot of interest. Additionally, you should do your fair share of research before applying for a cash advance loan. Remember that all cash advance companies are not the same.

There is one way to do the research that will answer most, if not all of your questions: On The Internet — all you have to do is search for “cash advance” and you will find out all the information that you need. But don’t be drawn in by the smiling faces on each webpage saying how cash advances saved them from so much debt, just browse around and look at the fine print and the interest that you have to repay the company. This kind of simple research will make you aware of the situation before you get the shock of the repayment structure.

Research is a priceless tool — it can save you lots of cash that can end up staying in your pocket rather than giving it away to a cash advance company. It is your money, and if you do your research, then you will find the best cash advance company that wants your business for the long term, and not try to rip you in the short hall. 100 Day Loans has been a company that I felt do pretty good. Lending you the funds you need in just one hour. As the name implies, their not like most other cash advance companies, they give you a full 100 days to pay back your cash advance loan in most cases. Check them out by clicking on

Bad Credit Cash Advance Services – Be Pleasantly Surprised

If you have the misfortune to have a bad credit rating you’ll know how difficult it is to obtain credit. Or is it? Truth is that many people with bad credit ratings accept that they’re no longer able to borrow, which may not be the case.

Some lenders are willing to lend money without making you go through a credit rating check. One service that offers this bad credit cash advance services is All you need in order to qualify to apply for bad credit cash advance services is a bank account, work and a home address. Provided you have these you can make an application. If you want to apply for bad credit cash advance services then you’ll need to log onto the Internet and find a lender, which shouldn’t be too difficult as there are many lenders offering this service.

Along with your bad credit cash advance services online loan application you’ll need to provide evidence of your salary, such as your last pay-slip, and your bank account details. Once you submit these you should be able to borrow money without a credit rating check being done. You should note, however, that bad credit cash advance services are short-term borrowing. You’ll need to repay the cash advance loan on your next payday via a direct debit from your bank account.

If for any reason you need to extend this period, you’ll need to arrange this with the lender before they submit the direct debit application. So if you are one of the million these days who is find it difficult to make ends meet and need a short-term cash advance but are worried that your bad credit rating will stop this, try bad credit cash advance services – you may be pleasantly surprised with the answer you get.

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